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Stage fright

We attended Nikolai’s first dance recital last evening. The dress rehearsal the evening before was a smashing success, as Peggy tells us, so we were looking forward to it.

Alas, things did not go as smoothly for the performance. As we waited for the music to start, we could hear crying back stage. Yep, it was Nikolai. But the group of four, two boys and two girls, did make it out on stage. Madison, Nikolai’s partner tried to do the dance but she got no help. The other little girl was in a similar state as Nikolai; the other boy just stood there. They were motioned off stage. I had hopes of them regrouping and trying again in a little bit but that did not happen.

Fortunately Peggy got a couple pictures from rehearsal. Nikolai was looking dapper indeed!


Nikolai made his golfing debut today. He and Pepere went to the driving range. When Pepere first mentioned going to Nikolai, oh, the excitment!!! To go and really play golf!!! It was cute; both had their bags of clubs to load up into the van.

This is the first of many times doing golf “stuff” with Nikolai. He watches so much golf with Pepere that he has the understanding of the game. Now to put it into action.

A future event is to go to Highlands Golf course, have Nikolai pick out a kid’s putter (which Pepere will buy), and practice on the putting green. This will be quite different from putting on the grass in the front yard. What a treat that will be!!


Peggy spotted a little news item on the local sports page today. The Second Annual Geezer Games are slated for the weekend of June 16 & 17 in Newport. Being how Jerry and I are geezers (over 50), we’re going to participate!! There’s ping pong for him, and swimming and running for me. I had actually planned to start swimming again tomorrow so this is good timing.

I got out my swim bag that has been sitting in the closet for a couple years. Goggles still seem OK, cap is rotten, fins are for maybe later this summer, swim suit should be all right. However, I am packing two tomorrow so I have a back up if needed. There’s also a biathlon July 28 locally that I want to do. It’s a swim/run. The distances are such that I should do them without too much difficulty. Of course, I will have to train. I haven’t been in the pool for years, as afore mentioned; and my running has been curtailed with school.


the next day….

Well, we may be geezers but Jerry still works. After talking more about the weekend, he verified the dates. Yup, whiting season starts June 15 so he needs to be here for work those days. Rats! Oh, well, another time perhaps.

is no news good news??

I got a lashing with a wet noodle (my apologies, Peggy) today for no recent entries. Sorry, LadyD!

Well, there isn’t much to tell. Nikolai and my school year is winding down; he has two weeks and I have four weeks left. I think he avoids final exams, however, I will not. I’ll have four which is better than five. June 14, 3:00, I will be done…until June 25!! I’m going to take a yoga class and utilize the weight room. If I can keep up the weight training, my bones will be better for it.

Saturday was a busy cleaning day here. We did a thorough job in and outside the sun room. All the plants are now gathered and the table is usable by humans again. I’ve had three of the last four meals out there. Nice place to do homework as well.

Jerry and I went to the driving range yesterday. As we were saying good bye to the Hobbitses, Nikolai asked where we were going. “We’re going to hit a bucket of balls,” replied Jerry. Nikolai’s response was, “Are you going to put the bucket on the tee and hit it with your driver?” An excellent question!!! We did explain what we were actually going to do. And he can plan on going with us some day. I see some putt-putt golf in his life this summer. Not to forget Gabriel; he’s got quite a golf swing also. He can really launch the ball–with the putter.

That’s it for now. I’ll try to write more often.

Moo-ving in

The move is over, the final clean up is to be completed today, along with the signing.

We had a busy weekend moving Barney and family to a lovely new home. Lots of stairs, lots of hands helping, lots of dining out, lots of kids hugs. My focus was the kitchen. Surprise! I tried to unpack the boxes and put things in a logical place. I had fun doing it. Some things got moved a couple times and some things I never did find a home for. Heather will have to do that. She also knows to call if she can’t find something.

The laundry is in the house now instead of the garage, a very nice feature. And the guest room has a little bathroom right around the corner! So the old grey Memere’s middle-of-the-night jaunts do not involves stairs any more.

Sunday, as B&H were running errands and cleaning, Pepere spent most of the day doing yard work. He planted bushes, edged and mowed the lawn, repotted plants–the general green thumb stuff he excels at. He had occasional helpers under the age of four.

The back yard is fenced with a cement area perfect for the rolling stock. The kids are able to ride bikes back there. I am sure (hope!) B&H took advantage of the hot tub last night.

There is still lots to put away and organize which makes next weekend a daunting time to look toward. So! They’re coming here for a visit instead. Such wise folks.

of cold beds and snoring

Yesterday morning, Nikolai was up very early, at 6:00 a.m. I was surprised to see him as it’s usually Gabriel who rises first. I still had schoolwork to do so I sent him back downstairs, to his bed or his mom’s whatever he chose. Error!! His mom was not interested in a wiggly boy stealing her blankets.

As the day progressed and talk ensued, Nikolai said he had been cold so had gotten up. And going back to a cold bed had no appeal whereas mom’s warm bed did. Mom to the rescue! She made a new fleece blanket for the cold boy. No excuses now to try to steal the warm mom blankets.

At dinner, we were discussing this issue and we got to talking of allergy season and Jerry’s snoring. I have been known to find another bed in the house when the snoring gets really bothersome. I asked Gabriel if I needed to find another place to sleep would it be OK for me to snuggle in his bed. He hesitated, looked hard at me, then granted permission!  I wouldn’t really do it but it was a fun question to ask.

Speaking of early risers, I hear Gabriel’s feet on the wood floor. The day has begun!

Kids at Camp 18

Peggy and her boys stopped at Camp 18 yesterday for a romp and took lots of pictures. Enjoy!

Lots of smiles

The whole family was here last weekend. Four kids under the age of five, three twenty-somethings, and two fifty-somethings.

We were able to get a great picture of the kidlings on the teeter totter. I also posted a picture of the sweaters Peggy has made for us recently. Mine is knit with wool/silk yarn. Very cozy.


Oh, and NoodleKnit on the top bar is Peggy’s blog.

Nudge, nudge

Peggy had a little picture sharing session with the family the other day. She had taken pics while we were at Ecola Park and of the Hobbitses playing golf. I plugged her camera card into my palantír today with the hope of copying the pics and posting them here. They’re gone! She copied them to her palantír then deleted them from the card.

This post is a nudge for her to post them on her blog. Though she did say she was having troubles with the blog the other night. Charter was having issues earlier in the week but they seem to be up and running again…

Ecola Park

We had a lovely day yesterday. We drove down to Ecola Park for the day. It rained a bit on the way but we were on a mission! We had to get rocks for the fire pit being constructed in the back yard. I digress.

We traversed the trails on the bluffs above the beach and saw the Tillamook Lighthouse gleaming in the sun. Maybe saw some whales spouting off in the distance. We did find a picnic table sheltered from the breeze and enjoyed yummy sandwiches. How can an ordinary sandwich taste so much better when eaten outdoors?!?

Anyway. It was decided that Jerry, Peggy, and Hobbitses would make the hike to Indian Beach (1.5 miles) and I would drive Felaróf. After I restrained our steed in the parking lot, I started up the trail to meet the family. It was quite slippery and muddy but it had to be traversed! The Hobbitses walked the whole way and it was a hike for them. Alas, no pictures.

We had a little snack then headed to the beach. There were streams to be forded, sand to be dug, rocks to be thrown, fun to be had. We then each chose a fire pit rock and went back to Felaróf to make the trip home. Of course, we needed another snack! As we went down the road, little Gabriel fell asleep almost immediately, no surprise there. He slept all the way home, and continued sleeping for another two hours in his bed. Nikolai did not sleep though he did have some quiet time.

Apple pancakes for dinner, nice and simple. Except for the carsickiness of Peggy, a good day was had by all.