of cold beds and snoring

Yesterday morning, Nikolai was up very early, at 6:00 a.m. I was surprised to see him as it’s usually Gabriel who rises first. I still had schoolwork to do so I sent him back downstairs, to his bed or his mom’s whatever he chose. Error!! His mom was not interested in a wiggly boy stealing her blankets.

As the day progressed and talk ensued, Nikolai said he had been cold so had gotten up. And going back to a cold bed had no appeal whereas mom’s warm bed did. Mom to the rescue! She made a new fleece blanket for the cold boy. No excuses now to try to steal the warm mom blankets.

At dinner, we were discussing this issue and we got to talking of allergy season and Jerry’s snoring. I have been known to find another bed in the house when the snoring gets really bothersome. I asked Gabriel if I needed to find another place to sleep would it be OK for me to snuggle in his bed. He hesitated, looked hard at me, then granted permission!  I wouldn’t really do it but it was a fun question to ask.

Speaking of early risers, I hear Gabriel’s feet on the wood floor. The day has begun!

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