time for some blather

Went riding this morning; didn’t want to leave the house. Thanks, Aubri, for helping get my butt out the door!

I’m considering doing the Newport marathon again next year. It’s only 26.2 miles, no problem! I would plan to walk hence putting no pressure on myself. yeah, right! We’ll see how life goes and make a decision later.

I continue to battle motivation to work out. I have the most energy in the morning and if I want to accomplish anything at Chinook, morning is the time to do it. Work outs have slipped by the wayside since I’ve been at Chinook at 6:00 a.m. some days.

Speaking of Chinook…. Doing lots of painting. Time line is a mid-August move in. Jerry will be starting his 5 days a week practices and his time will be at a premium. Chinook work will basically be on hold until November.

Time for somewhat recent pics.

Playroom has been painted a soft blue. Jerry needs to add the window.

This is the current view from the back door. It used to be a toilet (yes, right inside the door) with a wall. It was originally a doorway and we have made it one once again.

Peggy’s room is all painted and awaiting the electrician to come finish installing various things. The wood floor is getting refinished. That’s Jerry’s focus right now.

Downstairs bathroom is a lilac color; tub/shower is installed. Peggy’s picking out tiles to lay down on the floor. We’ll get a cabinet/sink then the plumber can come in and do the finish work. There’s a door to be painted and rehung for the closing.

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  1. 1 Frink

    Such a lot of work, Wiz! This counts as a workout in my book. Go, you!!

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