Moo-ving in

The move is over, the final clean up is to be completed today, along with the signing.

We had a busy weekend moving Barney and family to a lovely new home. Lots of stairs, lots of hands helping, lots of dining out, lots of kids hugs. My focus was the kitchen. Surprise! I tried to unpack the boxes and put things in a logical place. I had fun doing it. Some things got moved a couple times and some things I never did find a home for. Heather will have to do that. She also knows to call if she can’t find something.

The laundry is in the house now instead of the garage, a very nice feature. And the guest room has a little bathroom right around the corner! So the old grey Memere’s middle-of-the-night jaunts do not involves stairs any more.

Sunday, as B&H were running errands and cleaning, Pepere spent most of the day doing yard work. He planted bushes, edged and mowed the lawn, repotted plants–the general green thumb stuff he excels at. He had occasional helpers under the age of four.

The back yard is fenced with a cement area perfect for the rolling stock. The kids are able to ride bikes back there. I am sure (hope!) B&H took advantage of the hot tub last night.

There is still lots to put away and organize which makes next weekend a daunting time to look toward. So! They’re coming here for a visit instead. Such wise folks.

5 Responses to “Moo-ving in”

  1. 1 dorothy van Winkle

    you all must be pooped! i’ll get details later. dot

  2. 2 Aibrean

    Sounds like a fun if exhausting day! HOPE B&H and their elfchildren feel snug in their new home! :-)

  3. 3 Frink

    Hi, Wiz! I’d forgotten how much I enjoy reading your blog. Often I just forget to get over here to check to see if you have anything new. Any chance you can get some web-savvy type to hook up up an RSS feed, so us lazy types can keep up?

  4. 4 Estelina

    Good to catch up with the Boisvert gang. Congrats to the southern clan on their move!

  5. 5 dorothy van Winkle

    it just must be at work that the blog connections don’t show. bye.

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