Nikolai made his golfing debut today. He and Pepere went to the driving range. When Pepere first mentioned going to Nikolai, oh, the excitment!!! To go and really play golf!!! It was cute; both had their bags of clubs to load up into the van.

This is the first of many times doing golf “stuff” with Nikolai. He watches so much golf with Pepere that he has the understanding of the game. Now to put it into action.

A future event is to go to Highlands Golf course, have Nikolai pick out a kid’s putter (which Pepere will buy), and practice on the putting green. This will be quite different from putting on the grass in the front yard. What a treat that will be!!

2 Responses to “Fore!!”

  1. 1 Dorothy van Winkle

    that sounds like a perfectly lovely outing. dot

  2. 2 PGPMehl

    Ah Wiz, I love that you are introducing the GS to golf so quickly! :) VERY exciting if you ask me. We definitely need to have a golfing minimoot at some point.

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