2009 Great Columbia Crossing

Tradition has come and gone once again for October. I speak of the Great Columbia Crossing. This is the only time foot traffic is allowed on the expansive bridge. We get bussed across the River to a highway rest area which is where the start is located. The bridge is four+ miles long with the first three very flat then an incline of .75 miles after which it winds back down to water level.

Sheri came over to do the run as well. It’s already a tradition for her and only being in country four years! Very nice to visit with her as we awaited the start.

This year’s race morning dawned cold, aided by a brisk east wind right down the river. I put foot warmers in my shoes and hand warmers in my gloves to await the start. As we were lining up to begin, I disposed of the warmers knowing I couldn’t run with the ones in my shoes and figuring my hands would warm up as I ran.

After the mass start and weaving around folks, I hit my stride. I was concerned about going out too fast so I held back. The first three or four miles (of 6.2) were run on cold-induced numb feet. It’s no fun but nothing new or surprising. I had planned to walk the incline but when I got there, I felt just fine (thank you very much!).  I started passing people immediately and continued doing so the rest of the run, even the downhill and flats.

As my training has been a bit off of late, I didn’t think I’d make my yearly goal of completing the course in under one hour. At the five mile mark, I knew I could if I kept the pace and I did. And I was not hurting or seriously overexerting myself which surprised me. Bonus: I posted my best time in eight years.

So, enough already! I hope I shall do as well next Sunday at the Girlfriends Half-marathon.

Overall place - 343/841
Age place - 8th
Pace - 9:12
Time - 57:01

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  1. 1 Northwest Walt

    Hey, great job and Kudos for attacking that hill! I was one of those behind you, finishing at 515 (62:14, 10:03/mile). I must have executed your original plan (which was also my plan), and you might have passed me as I walked up the incline. More than likely, though, with your time you were already ahead. I was fried at mile 3.8 and just didn’t have it in me, so hats off!

    There is always next year…

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