I seem to be going down the same road as my sister and one of my brothers. They have been unable to drive in the dark for some years. I have felt uncomfortable doing so a number times in the recent past but last night - scary!!

I had boy-watching duty while DD attended ballet class. (DH was at a soccer game.) With the time change, it was dark driving to her house. I didn’t like that at all. When I got there, I explained my situation. Obviously I stayed but the future will be different. She will need to find some one else to watch the boys if she wants to take her evening class.

While driving home, I really struggled to label, name, identify in some way what I was feeling. I came to the conclusion that the changes between darkness and headlights/street lights is actually painful for my eyes. I had an instant head ache behind the wheel.

I told DH about it and he said I’ll just have to drive more slowly. Ah, no, that is not going to alleviate the head ache.

So, life changes coming though they shouldn’t be too dramatic. I seldom go out at night and if I do, DH’s usually with me and driving.

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  1. 1 Barbara D

    I’m sorry to hear this, Wiz. You’re right, of course. You might also talk to your optometrist/opthomologist about this. There may be solutions out there that you’re unaware of.

  2. 2 wiz

    Barb - I just had my eyes examined last month. All things point to very healthy eyes; no degeneration, no glaucoma. This is not a surprise at all; I’ve been awaiting it’s arrival.

  3. 3 dorothyvanwinkle

    Dodo, after thinking about your pain while driving in the dark, it occurred to me that pain to bright lights can be a symptom of cataracts. That was how Robert described bright lights before he had his surgery. You say you recently had your eyes examined. Did they check for beginning cataracts? Lights are just now beginning to bother me, although they don’t cause pain. Even though I have not been able to drive at night without streetlights for nearly forever, I have always had good night peripheral vision. Go figure. Later.

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