anniversary tradition

It has come and gone again; the wedding anniversary.

The celebrating began around noon when Jerry got home from work with two “bugs,” the lively lobsters. Pretty convenient working for a seafood company; you know exactly who to order them from.

Into the carefully packed car and off we went. The question was whether to turn north or south on Hwy. 101. The weather report was such that the coast would be a good choice and it was. We drove amid the Friday afternoon tourist traffic to Ecola State Park. A table was procured on the bluff away from other tables and we proceeded to tote all our stuff out there.

Jerry’s first project was to light the stove and get the water heating, mine was to pop the cork out of the wine bottle. Then I found some flowers (weeds) for the vase and lit the candle. The candle has always been a problem, the wind would blow it out even with a tall holder with a short candle. This year I utilized the beacon from Moot 5 (thank you, Lisa!!) as it is an enclosed little “lantern.” It worked like a dream!

Garlic sauteed mushrooms were the first course, which Jerry cooked to perfection. The water finally boiled and the bugs met their demise; 20 minutes later the real feasting began. When the lobster and wine were gone, it was obviously time for a nap, for Jerry anyway. He lay down on the blanket while I sat in the chair and read a book, with occasional glaces at the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Time passed and it was time for coffee and carrot cake. I only make carrot cake (our wedding cake) once a year, for this event. After that feasting was done, we slowly packed up and went for a walk. The sun was so warm all afternoon with very little wind, it was amazing.

We drove into Cannon Beach for the requisite finishing ice cream cone. I passed on that but Jerry had his coffee almond fudge in a waffle cone. (I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous, but the ensuing tummy ache would not have been worth it.) We wandered the streets with the rest of the tourists while Jerry ate.

We finally headed home, another anniversary gone.  However, another anniversary to look forward to next year!!

2 Responses to “anniversary tradition”

  1. 1 Frink

    What a wonderful tradition! Congratulations to you and Jerry — and may many more ‘bugs’ meet their demise!

  2. 2 Carole

    What a lovely tradition! And lobster… mmmm.

    Every year on our anniversary we watch our wedding video.

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