Girlfriends Half-marathon

I spent some time trying to decide how to tell of this fabulous extended weekend. I shall do it in a chronological fashion. This is my perspective; I hope the other ladies write theirs. However, this is NOT a prod!!!!

I drive to Vancouver and pick up Estelina at her home. We proceed to PDX to meet Foxy, her DD Ginger (from Georgia) and Kally (from Kentucky). Pansey is there waiting also, having driven down from Seattle. The visitors arrive and there is much rejoicing!!!!!

We gather bags and head north to Vancouver. The highway is s.l.o.w. and we figure we will not make it to the packet pick-up before 5:00 so we drive some of the course. We are making excellent time so pop down to the Fitness shop, with two minutes to spare! We get packets and then off to Estelina’s for dinner and much Girlfriend-ing.

It’s Fall day!! We go to Multnomah Falls and walk to the top on a paved trail, with 11 switchbacks. When we are almost to the bottom, the skies open up and share their moisture with the Gorge. We get soaked! And laugh about it.

Now it’s to the View Point Inn for lunch. As I say, we are soaked but there are blankets to wrap in to cozy up. Quite the eclectic menu!! We eat then some folks (OK, all but me) go out in the rain for photo-ops of Twilight scenery and props.

Back to Estelina’s for dry clothes, beverages, and food. She (we!) prepare a yummy soup. We decide it will not be prudent to party-hearty the night before traversing 13.1 miles so we say good night.

Foxy and I are up early as she’s on eastern time and I am used to rising about 5:00. We drip the coffee and have breakfast. The others appear in due time. 8:00! Off to the races!!! We meet Kally, use the potty at her motel, bypass the LONG line for the “blue rooms” near the start, and go to the start area. The welcoming and announcements include an aerobic warm-up. Being how I do not do those moves, this morning is not the time to start! Not going to risk pulling something; nope, not going to do it!

There are pace signs that are generally ignored so it’s a mass start trying not to trip. We four Girlfriends will be doing our own paces and will meet at the finish. Part of the course backtracks on itself so I see Girlfriends!!!! YEA! That is nice.

I finish with a good time (as far as I’m concerned) but hurt. Concrete and I are not friends. This may be a reason not to do this event again. …sigh…

After all my Girlfriends finish, we go to Estelina’s to clean up and eat. One stage of our journey is over, another begins. We must say goodbye to Estelina [ :-(  ] and go west to the coast.

Our “early” arrival at my home surprises DH. He has just had a well attended BBQ and is madly, wildly cleaning. No worries; we find snackies and drinks and are content. The garlic shrimp is particularly good. Kally discovers marionberry jam and now has a ‘friend’ for life! Yummmmmmmy!

Early rising. I think it’s because some achy bodies want “drugs” to ease the discomfort. We are in no hurry today; eventually we go to Waikiki Beach and Cape Disappointment. We hike to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center but the trail to the lighthouse is closed because the Coast Guard are doing weapons training in that area of the woods.

The North Head Light is just a few minutes drive away and we go there. While the lighthouse itself is closed to visitors, the Coast Guard are doing some helicopter rescue training right there. We watch the “victim” hoisted up from the ocean to the chopper. Most impressive. We also chat with the one CG personnel there on-site; very nice gentleman.

Time for food! “The Pig” of Moot 3 renown is our destination. After a varied meal, we go to Chinook house but, alas, DD and Hobbitses are not home from school yet. We tour the house awaiting them but to no avail. We enjoy a bit of down time at my home until the sunset hour approaches. We find ourselves walking to the beach for more photo-ops. It’s low tide and many folks are digging clams. One gentleman has gotten his limit and is leaving. Kally asks if she may see his clams as this is a new experience for her. He chats with us and he and I explain how to ’spot’ a clam. There’s a dimple right near my feet and he hands me the shovel. I dig with the shovel then my hand and come up with a small razor clam. A seagull ultimately eats it for dinner.

Back home and DH is cooking oysters on the BBQ. Foxy joins in the feast and Ginger tries one. Not a favorite she quickly discovers but yea! she tried it. She, Kally, and I dig out the snackies and pie to round out a lite dinner.

We’re out the door by 9:00 to get to Indian Beach (La Push in Twilight) during low tide. We do the Ecola Park touring and photo-ing first. Continuing in the tourist vein, we wander some shops in Cannon Beach before driving to Seaside for the same and lunch…at The Pig!

Fort Clatsop is the next destination. As we pay the entry fee, Ginger is invited to become a Junior Ranger. She accepts and is given a workbook which she needs to do 8 of 10 activities. Also required are visiting two other Parks in the area. Being how we had done so the day before, she is golden! She successfully completes her work, receives a certificate, pin, and patch - after taking an oath; I believe it is about caring for the earth.

No one can come to Astoria without going to the Column. The stairs are new but the count is still the same, 166 steps. Up we go! Then down we come to hear and view the sea lions. After seeing the beasts, it’s home again. Time to cook dinner. Many hands make short work of it and in a bit we are enjoying a meal together again. Final packing and early to bed.

It’s airport taxi day. The driving begins at 6:30, early enough to have a good time buffer as needed. It is not needed! We have time to share second breakfast and do some shopping at PDX before saying some good-byes. Ginger and Foxy are on their way east.

Kally checks her bag and we venture out to Vancouver to lunch with Estelina. We get to see her office but KK is not there. It’s just as well….. We feast each other once again and more good-byes ensue. The taxi is making it’s final stop at PDX to drop off Kally. The last good-bye is said and we part.

It is a delight to see Kally, Foxy, and Ginger (she’s so tall!!!) after so many years. I’m thankful Estelina lives close enough to visit on a somewhat regular basis. She helps keep me grounded. As mentioned elsewhere, a couple tweaks would have made the mini-moot perfect.

Overall place - 442/1215
Age place - 36/121
Pace - 10:31
Time - 2:17:43

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