different direction

I have gone to the Chinook house the last two days to work. Yesterday I spent over eight hours cleaning grime and dust in the kitchen. The cabinet tops were greasy grimy, ick! But I got them clean; also got the custom cabinets all cleaned out. I had not done anything with them in the past. So, the kitchen is ready to move into.

Today I mopped the kitchen floor, hung a “curtain” in the doorway, then did the vacuuming of the newly plastered rooms. Those rooms are now ready to be primed. Next I washed all of Peggy’s kitchen stuff that I had brought over. It had been packed away for 2.5 years and needed a good cleaning.

After five hours I called it quits. Peggy and kids were there later and she put all the kitchen stuff away; I had left it on the counters thinking I should not put it away in the “wrong” place.

With the work at Chinook, I have wanted to get over there early when I have the most energy. I was hard at it by 7:30 both days. This has seriously hindered my workouts. I’ve done my pilates and weight lifting but that’s been all. I need to change my focus a bit.

Tomorrow I intend to walk or bike in the morning before going to Chinook. That’s the only way I know I’ll do something for the day. Actually I need to get groceries and an oil change so I may not make it over there until late, if at all.

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