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one down (20 miles)

I only have two 20 mile training runs in my schedule, maybe that’s why it’s so appealing. I’ve used this schedule for past marathons and have liked the approach; I won’t be beating myself up while training. The only time I’ll be doing 26.2 miles is marathon day.

The reality of it all boils down to this: a 20 mile run (no problem! I will have done two recently) and a 10K. And we can all do a 10K, a mere 6.2 miles. It’s all a mind game, one I plan on winning.

walk - 6.1
run - 13.9


Jerry and I stopped by Chinook after church today to pick up some rope. He was going to get the tub/shower unit and needed rope to secure it in the truck.

As we made the turn onto Chinook Street we saw a friend on the sidewalk talking with a young man. Well, young man is her son, and we’ve known them since Alex was in grade school so 20 years. Alex lives on Chinook and he’s been remodeling his place. He facetiously asked if we wanted a utility sink. Yes we do!!!! So, a sink for the laundry room at no cost just some time to clean it up.

finally legal

After much bureaucratic red tape and BS, our reconstruction/remodel plans have been approved and a building permit was issued this week.  Fortunately we were not fined, though we were threatened ($5,000/day), for work done prior to  getting the permit.  The work has been inspected, and we can now “button up” the house.

lovin’ my Shuffle (16 miles)

Ah, the iPod dilemma. I have a nano and have been carrying it with me on all my walks and runs. No music for me! The constant change in tempo made for a weird stride/gait, so I listen to Rob Inglis read LOTR.

Anyway, finding a convenient and protected (from rain) pocket for the nano is getting more challenging. (The change in season has me wearing fewer layers hence fewer possibilities.) I am now the proud owner of the new 4GB iPod Shuffle. It’s tiny, clips onto clothing, and hold the complete LOTR plus more. Obviously there are less features than the nano, the clock comes to mind, but it certainly does what I want/need it to do for me.

These last Fridays after my long runs, I have been so surprised at the time when I get home. “Was I really gone that long?” Today was no different. It was 10:30 when I got home meaning I was out for over three hours. The time doesn’t fly but it passes at a good rate. I think it is because I am engrossed in LOTR. My mind is not on what my body is doing. Now if I can just keep that info from my body for another six weeks and one day, I’ll be golden!

walk - 3.9
run - 12.1

not too bad (18 miles)

The run was better than I anticipated. My leg was wrapped, and it gave me no trouble at all. Once again I walked more than I really had wanted to but there it is. I did the distance; that’s what I kept telling myself.

Today’s route was two distinct loops and two spurs to make the mileage. As I was doing the first spur, I thought I may as well do it twice now and not have to think about it again. However, I re-thought it immediately. I only needed to do each spur once today; twice is needed for next week’s miles. So a bonus of sorts.

My feet are very tired; I need to get those new shoes running not just walking.

I brought a bottle of HEED on the run. Still haven’t acquired a taste for it but it’s the nutrients in it that I need.

walk - 5.4
run - 12.6

addendum ~

Another bonus!  Checking my schedule, I run 16 miles next week not 20!!!

sheet rock

Headed over to Chinook this morning. Where was the warm weather predicted?!? The furnace is still not working, and I was hoping the sun would lend some heat. Alas, clouds and rain.

Anyway! Time for some updated pics. The best ones are of Peggy’s bedroom. The before pics are at this post. The walls and ceiling were completely removed.  Now for today.
Sheet rock done and awaiting plaster; Jerry will start slinging it today. He also patched the kitchen ceiling so it’s ready for plaster as well.

The view in the front room certainly looks like a construction zone! Tools and insulation abound.

Sunday Gabriel was running down the street and his face had a close encounter with the sidewalk. It has healed quite a bit but I only just got the picture as the camera has been at Chinook.

quick update

Peggy, Nikolai, and Gabriel (PNG) have been living with us for over two years.  They are now in the process of getting their own abode.   Enter Chinook house.  It was a house severely damaged in the 12/2007 storm and left empty from that time.  We purchased it at a “bargain” price and are doing much repair and remodel to make it habitable.

I am training for my fifth (and last!) marathon.  I usually do a blog entry after my weekly long run.  The marathon is in Newport, OR, on May 30.  Today’s count showed I have 271 more training miles to cover.

Jerry is still involved with the local soccer league, but he has stepped down from the HS coaching job.

hey there!!

Thinking I might get this going again.

Bear with me.

We’ve had goings on and I am going to repost from another blog where I have several things of possible interest.

Chinook house

Originally posted 3/9/09

We went to Chinook to take pictures and measurements Saturday. The first thing that needs fixing is the furnace!! It was cold!

Here’s a simple rundown of work, not in any particular order; I just wanted to get pictures up here.

Front room/fireplace - remove rest of carpet, refinish floors, paint, wood stove insert for heating, install ceiling fan for circulation, replace entry door (door knob would be good!), remove door to upstairs and reconfigure that doorway.

Bedroom #2 - carpet removed, floor sanded and finished if in good enough condition, ceiling repaired, closet sheet rock repaired, sliding door weatherized better, paint, check light fixtures for functionality.

Upstairs bathroom - replumb for shower, repair hole in wall (currently looks down to kitchen), replace broken faucet, paint, eventually replace inefficient windows.

Bedroom #1 - remove & replace ceiling in room and closet, carpet removed, floor sanded and finished if in good enough condition, sliding door weatherized better, paint, check light fixtures for functionality.

Main floor den - sheet rock walls & ceiling, texture & paint, add opening window on south wall, needs flooring of some kind, change door to utility room.

Kitchen - repair hole in ceiling, sand swollen cabinets so they close, replace counter-top (curling at seams), lighting is goofy; may change.

Stairway carpet, ALL carpet, will be removed, attic insulation to be removed and replaced.

OK, enough. I can’t write everything that needs doing. It’s a lot. I don’t see PNG moving in until June at the earliest.

all is well

We weathered the storm quite well.  No internet at home; I’m at the college right now.  I’ll post our adventures and pictures when we get cable at home.  It may be some time as the cables are still flat on the ground.  Cable is a low priority utility, some folks still don’t have electricity.  Crews are here from all over the west, as far away as Utah from what I’ve heard.  Kudos to them for all the work they are doing.