not too bad (18 miles)

The run was better than I anticipated. My leg was wrapped, and it gave me no trouble at all. Once again I walked more than I really had wanted to but there it is. I did the distance; that’s what I kept telling myself.

Today’s route was two distinct loops and two spurs to make the mileage. As I was doing the first spur, I thought I may as well do it twice now and not have to think about it again. However, I re-thought it immediately. I only needed to do each spur once today; twice is needed for next week’s miles. So a bonus of sorts.

My feet are very tired; I need to get those new shoes running not just walking.

I brought a bottle of HEED on the run. Still haven’t acquired a taste for it but it’s the nutrients in it that I need.

walk - 5.4
run - 12.6

addendum ~

Another bonus!  Checking my schedule, I run 16 miles next week not 20!!!

2 Responses to “not too bad (18 miles)”

  1. 1 Barb Dominey

    Wonderful, Wiz! You’re doing great!

  2. 2 wiz

    Thanks, Frink!!

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