lovin’ my Shuffle (16 miles)

Ah, the iPod dilemma. I have a nano and have been carrying it with me on all my walks and runs. No music for me! The constant change in tempo made for a weird stride/gait, so I listen to Rob Inglis read LOTR.

Anyway, finding a convenient and protected (from rain) pocket for the nano is getting more challenging. (The change in season has me wearing fewer layers hence fewer possibilities.) I am now the proud owner of the new 4GB iPod Shuffle. It’s tiny, clips onto clothing, and hold the complete LOTR plus more. Obviously there are less features than the nano, the clock comes to mind, but it certainly does what I want/need it to do for me.

These last Fridays after my long runs, I have been so surprised at the time when I get home. “Was I really gone that long?” Today was no different. It was 10:30 when I got home meaning I was out for over three hours. The time doesn’t fly but it passes at a good rate. I think it is because I am engrossed in LOTR. My mind is not on what my body is doing. Now if I can just keep that info from my body for another six weeks and one day, I’ll be golden!

walk - 3.9
run - 12.1

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