Fourth of July

The day broke brightly; the sun streaming through dirty windows. “I really should wash them,” I thought. However, the coffee sipping sounded better.

Jerry was at work early for a few hours and Peggy and Gabriel were up relatively early. The three of us were in the front room visiting. Nikolai came up about 8:00 but does he want his usual ‘good morning’ hug and snuggle?? No! He is excited: There is a doe and fawn in the back yard. He awoke, looked out his window, and there they were. He was thrilled! So we sat and watched the fawn nurse then gambol on the lawn. Pretty darn cute. Jerry came home shortly thereafter but missed the show.

First major project of the day? The swimming pool needed emptying, cleaning, then refilling. As that chore went on, I made brownies. As the boys played in the clean, cold water of the pool, Gabriel had a meltdown so he was removed and brought indoors, much to his dismay, anger, chagrin? He was mad! He finally calmed down aided extensively by his dear mother.

A yummy lunch was had with brownies for dessert, a special treat. Jerry took his nap, then the boys went downstairs for their quiet time. It was still very sunny and warm. It got up into the 70’s; not seemingly warm for the world but for here, that’s a rare summer day. After an hour of napping, I woke Jerry and we headed to the beach for a walk. The tide was rather high so we had to contend with the drivers on the beach but a pleasant walk nonetheless.

Back to the house to lounge in the sun. But, oh! Sunscreen was applied too late! Jerry and I both burned in the course of the day. Hence to cool off, we climbed into the pool! Alas, no kids to play with. Nikolai did come out but Gabriel continued to sleep. Jerry finally complained enough that he should be out there with us that Peggy woke him. The two of them came out in swimming suits. The whole family had a splashing good time. No pictures, of course, as we were all wet.

Jerry BBQed burgers for dinner with a special requested Jello for dessert. Two desserts in one day?!? Very special indeed. No need to stay up for fireworks, we would hear them as we snuggled in our beds. The sun drained the adults’ energy, well, the old generation of adults, so sleep came quickly.

A fun, busy, family day.

3 Responses to “Fourth of July”

  1. 1 Heather

    I was wondering how you were all coping with the noisy fireworks so late into the evening. We still had them going on here when I fell asleep in the 11 o’clock hour, and I’m sure they continued well into the morning! The kiddos went to bed at 8 like usual and slept through the madness. I couldn’t believe it! Glad you guys also had a great 4th!

  2. 2 Dorothy van Winkle

    sounds like a perfect day had by all.

  3. 3 Dorothy van Winkle

    me again. i wondered if you would remove the screen from the laundry window and run the hose from the hot water spigot to the pool so the pool water wouldn’t take so loong to heat up. just an idea. those poor boys were purple the water was so cold the day i was there. bye for now.

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