old folks redux

Jerry and I had a pleasant trip to the Big City. We were able to leave home a bit earlier than expected and took a different route that put us on the interstate quicker so we had time to stop for a nice lunch on the way north.

The day was warm and after a quick ‘hi’ to my folks, Jerry planned to head off to the zoo to pass the afternoon. I was planning to take Mom out for coffee and a good chat. Didn’t happen that way. Daddy wanted to go shopping. Jerry did go to the zoo while I took the folks shopping for a new, different style of walker for Daddy. He found one that would serve but did not want to make the purchase as he does not need it yet. Mom looked at me pointedly and so I voiced the fact that he would be needing it and I was here with the van to easily transport it back to the Home. He relented without much arguing.

Then it was off to Office Max. I followed their directions and ended up going east on 45th instead of west. After some time they said if I’ve passed over the freeway, I’ve gone too far. Well, we were going away from the freeway and they realized I had been given wrong directions. You must understand, I have not lived in Seattle for over 30 years. Anyway, we found the store but I knew Daddy would not find what he was looking for…and he didn’t. I started to suggest another store and Mom again looked pointedly at me and shook her head. So I followed her lead and clammed up.

Back to the Home to go over paper work. It turns out some papers that they thought I had have never been filled out and/or filed anywhere. So they’ll contact a lawyer (grandson Matt) and get that going. In the meantime, I can do nothing as the paperwork is sequential.

We went out for Chinese food for dinner. It was barely 5:00 so we beat the rush which was good as we had a ferry to catch. After dropping the folks off at the Home, we headed through town to the terminal. The day was gorgeous and warm. The hour ferry ride was delightful. However, it did take a wee bit longer than the hour. As we approached the shipping channel in the Sound, a container ship was steaming north from Tacoma. They obviously have the right of way over a ferry so we had to slow down to allow them room to pass. That was kind of fun.

We moteled in Bremerton then hit the back roads home. We came upon a driving range and as we had our golf clubs, we stopped and each hit a bucket of balls. Then down the road again, stopping for lunch in a little town and ice cream in the next little town.

All in all, a pleasant two days.

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  1. 1 Dorothy van Winkle

    sounds like you had a good time.

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