Time flies

Thirty one years ago today, I stood amidst the trees of the University of Washington Arboretum wearing a handmade, hand embroidered (by me!) dress. Beside me stood Jerry in a matching shirt. We were wedded among family and friends.

Through the years, our anniversary celebrations have varied but we hit upon a “keeper” about 20 years ago: a traditional lobster picnic at the beach. We have procured the lively lobster in a number of ways. A local grocery store had a live tank but that only lasted once or twice. Then the local fish market was able to get lobsters for us with a bit of notice. That fell through and we resorted to Jerry having the distribution part of the company special order the bugs. We utilized that source for a few years then another local store opened with a live tank. Perfect!! That was our source and we could get the bugs when we wanted them.

Yesterday was the planned day for the picnic. I drove across town and the store no longer had a live tank with lobster. So we did our picnic with all the fixings except the lobster. Did we go hungry? Not even close!

We went to Ecola State Park and feasted in the sunshine. The fog bank was hanging just off the rocks and was great to see it swirling about. We then drove to Indian Beach, the north part of the park, and walked the beach. Having worked up an appetite (ha!) we went into Cannon Beach and treated ourselves to ice cream. It was still relatively early so we stopped at the Lewis and Clark Salt Works in Seaside then walked to the beach. Lots of folks on the beach! We talked of how people come here for vacation, and we live here!!

Barney and Heather gave us a wooden plaque a while back and it states: If you are lucky enough to live at the beach, then you are lucky enough.  So true.

After a ‘light’ supper at Dooger’s, we headed home. We arrived in time to give good night kisses and hugs to the Hobbitses. From what their mom said, they had a very ‘water’ day. Chances are they will again today. The temps are supposed to be in the 80s.

5 Responses to “Time flies”

  1. 1 estelina

    Congratulations to a beautiful, wonderful couple who have created so much love in this world.

    I was just at those places 2 weeks ago! I love sharing this area with you. And I want to be “lucky enough.”

  2. 2 Heather

    Happy Happy Happy Anniversary to a most inspiring couple! The love, respect, and admiration you two show for each other in day to day life is so rare these day, and so very refreshing to see. I feel blessed to be part of a family lead by such a wonderful example of partnership, companionship, and love.
    I love you both. Happy Anniversary! :)

  3. 3 Aibreán

    Sounds like the loveliest of days to the loveliest of couples - congratulations, dear Wiz & Ranger Jerry!

  4. 4 Dorothy van Winkle

    happy anniversary, dodo and jerry. we were just youngsters back then. i remember well the day…and fixing up the yard for the reception… later gator.

  5. 5 Kitty

    Happy Anniversary Wiz!

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