ouch! (10 miles)

As previously mentioned, all remaining training will be walking. Expecting it to be a warm day, I set out early, 6:50 a.m. However, I never warmed up! I was wet from sweat but was never warm. Wish I had had my gloves! And I met a biker on Burma Road so I knew all hopes of seeing elk were gone. That’s OK, he was getting out in the woods early just as I was.

Anyway, after about 2.5 miles I decided to pick up the pace. (I can walk fast when the mood strikes. Once did the Bridge Run with a walking pace of 12:30. Of course I was much younger.) I had not gone more than a dozen yards when my left calf balked, and it was not the spot that had been hurting this week. Whatever. I slowed down, concentrating on keeping my stride even and as comfortable as possible.

Obviously I walked the distance but, crikey!, this is troubling. Today has been full of RICE with some drugs thrown in for good measure. I have 15 training miles left but may skip some so the leg can rest/heal more. I’m not going to lose any fitness by doing that and I may be better for it.

In the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, we shall be giving you the ballet from Act Three of tonight’s opera.
Maestro–the ballet–now!

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