go the distance! (16 miles)

And that’s what I did, go the distance. I had no desire to go out today but obviously I did.

I walked my usual first two miles, then started running. After about 1/2 mile my left leg felt weird. With the marathon looming close on the horizon, I decided not to tempt fate and chose to walk. And walk I did….many miles. I tossed a bit of running into the mix but not enough keep track of. Let’s just say I walked well over half the distance.

I know I’ve been “off” lately, partly due to my trip to Seattle, which involved strange eating and sleeping habits. Fatigue is getting to me, though I am trying to stave it off. The coming two weeks will be focused on eating well, sleeping better, and easing my mind. Sounds like a tall order but one I must fervently try to fill.

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