pests!!! (16 miles)

Yesterday’s seasonably warm weather obviously enticed the insect population out of their shells, as it were. The flying bugs which I encountered in the forest were almost treacherous. My baseball cap was a perfect ‘trap’ for them; they’d get caught under the brim and wreak havoc with my face. I inhaled a number of them in my nose and mouth. If that wasn’t enough, they’d find their way under or between my glasses. (I wear my regular glasses and sunglasses on top of them.) Ugh, I sorely detest insects.

On a related note, the run was OK. No energy to speak of and leaden legs were hard to pick up so many times. I had HEED along the route and a water bottle stashed at mile 14; should have placed it sooner. I ran out of HEED about mile 10 and when I finally got some water, I felt much better. I’ll have to plan that better for my two remaining long runs.

I have a massage scheduled in a couple hours. This will be a deep tissue massage. I had one of those in the past and did not enjoy it at all. However, my masseuse wants to start there in hopes of loosening my tightness. It’s only 30 minutes and if it’s too much, I can always have her stop.

Getting close.

walk - 4.0
run - 12.0

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