End of an era

Today is day three of soccer camp. Each day has a theme, today’s being Water Day. This means you dress up in whatever water-type array you wish. Jerry is fond of wearing his swim suit, goggles, and a shower cap. Many kids come in water wings or life jackets; most wear swim suits, some even wear flippers. (Have you ever tried playing soccer in flippers?!?) Snack is watermelon and the kids have a water fight with their brand new camp water bottles.

As Jerry and I prepped for today’s session, we remarked about the weather. It’s raining. Now, this is not an unusual thing in itself. However, in the 11 years of camp it has not rained on us. Sure, we’ve had cold days but no rain.

It is fitting weather for Water Day and a signal that it’s time to retire. I’m always looking for retirement signs. :) We have one more week then that’s it. It’s been a good run: great fun for kids and a huge fund raiser for the league.

Soccer–it’s a kick in the grass!!

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