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AAA to the rescue

I had a bit of an “adventure” yesterday.

I drove to Vancouver to meet Estelina for lunch and a walk. The weather was such that we were able to enjoy lunch outdoors. We then went for a walk on the grounds and in the woods. Very, very nice.

I departed with plenty of time to make it home to get to soccer camp which I needed to do because I had the campers’ snack in my van.

Traffic moved right along on I-5 and on the spur into Longview. As I turned onto Industrial Way, there was something in the intersection which I could not avoid. I ran over it though I could not even tell you what it was. It sounded horrible.

I made my way through Longview and waited what seemed like an inordinate long time at the signal to turn onto the bridge. Finally, a green light. Making the turn I knew something was wrong. I was able to pull off the road before the ramp to the bridge. Flat tire. Whatever I had run over damaged the tire. The long wait at the light was probably a very good thing; it gave the tire enough time to deflate to get my attention.

So! Whip out the emergency cell phone and AAA card. I had a tow truck there within an hour. The guy changed the tire but only after we had to use the van manual to find the spare. It was under the van between the two front seats. The spare is just a “limp along” tire to get you somewhere so you can fix the flat.

Enter Les Schwab Tire Center, a mere 1/4 mile away. I queued up with the seemingly masses of people there and awaited my turn. It was determined the tire was not fixable. That did not surprise me so I authorized two new tires and waited for the installation to be complete.

On the road again at 5:20. Snack time at soccer camp is 6:30. OK, I can make that without any crazy fast driving. And I did make it, with two minutes to spare. I did not stay at the field to do any admin work, I needed to go home, I was pooped.

What a day! But it will not ever deter me from making another whirlwind drive to Vancouver to visit with Estelina….


Yesterday, Jerry had to go to Portland for meetings.  I figured I’d tag along to keep him company on the four hour round trip drive.  I would have about four hours to ‘waste’ while he was busy.

There is  a large shopping center a few miles from his meeting place so I headed there after dropping him off.  I had shopping list firmly in hand (said with tongue planted firmly in cheek) as I entered the mall.  First stop, the book store.  Nothing on my list but I can not pass up a book store.  I did a little impulse shopping, buying two bookmarks.

I wandered the mall and completed my wanderings in one hour.  I am not a shopper.   I bought a cup of coffee and settled into an overstuffed chair and listened to my ROTK book on my iPod.  Very handy little thing, my iPod.  I think it saved my sanity yesterday.

Lunch time rolled around and I went in search of food.  Did I mention the mall was  under major remodeling so there were not any eateries; the food court was non-existent.  I had passed a grocery store on the way to the mall so I popped in there for food.  And, oh, I can be a cheap date!  I hit the deli counter first: one slice of cheese and one slice of turkey.  The bakery was next: one roll.  Lunch cost me $1.70.  I had water in the car for my beverage.  I found a shady spot to park and ate my lunch then headed back to the office.

I was early so I got out my book, The Silmarillion,  walked across the street from the office and parked my bum on the shaded grass and read.  The temperature was probably in the 80s but there was a nice breeze so it was pleasant.  Jerry came out after a bit and we headed home.

If it were not for the four hours with Jerry, the day would have been a total waste.

Lightfoot rides on

I was home early from school today, and the sun was shining. I decided to take Lightfoot out for his first ride of the year. We went a mere ten miles to view the Great River but it was very pleasant. I have hopes of riding more this summer.

And speaking of summer–the school term is almost over. Two finals next Thursday and that’s it! Whew! It’s been a long haul.

The high school awards and scholarship presentations were last evening. Someone donate a sum of money in honor of Jerry for a scholarship for a soccer player. Thus, the Jerry Boisvert Honorary Scholarship has been born! I expect it to have a long life.

Ever on…

To the sea.

Jerry and I went for a walk this evening. We ventured west with hopes of arriving at the beach. Success! The access road had been flooded all winter and spring. These last few weeks of minimal rain has allowed some of the water to recede. We had to carefully skirt around two large puddles but we did make it to the dunes overlooking the Sea.

I can now plan some walks on the beach; something which I have missed.

Ever on…

Shine up that crown…

Calling all Prom Queens! Your presence is desired on the sunny days (and moony night) of August 24 & 25, 2007. We will once again be walking from Portland to the Coast in the infamous Relay.

Bring your walking shoes (no running allowed), water (LOTS!!), flashlights with an abundance of fresh batteries (it gets DARK in the country), food (sugar is good), sense of humor, band-aids; you know the drill.

We require only one thing: You have graced this earth for at least 50 years.

We are Queens. We are regal. We are nuts.

Rainsteed rides again!

As mentioned the other day, we have been moving Peggy to the big bedroom. When she first moved into the guest room, Rainsteed was retired to the barn. There just was not enough room for cohabitation.

He’s now back and ready to ride! The weight bench is also once more set up. (The requisite, exclusive LOTR DVD player is close at hand.)

Have no fear Barney and Heather, there is still room for you to navigate around the room when you visit.

I hope to make the time for real exercise this coming school term. I will be lifting at school but will now be able to ride as well. As the weather improves, I will even ride outdoors on Lightfoot. Poor steed. He seldom gets out anymore.


Whoa! Two days of sunshine?!? What a treat! The bonus is that I did some impulse shopping today. As I wandered through the store getting milk, flour, veggies, chocolate(!), greeting cards; I came upon the sunglasses display. They had some great “clip-ons” that actually fit my frame/lens. I have been without sunglasses for almost two years. I forgot to get the prescription ones updated with new lens back when I got new regular glasses.

In other news, 16 more days of school this term. YEA!!!!!

The 10% rule

I know the rule, but I did not heed the rule. And I am paying for it.

Runners know that when they increase their mileage, it is increased by 10%. You get used to that mileage before increasing again.

I have been running my little three mile out and back route for some time. Today I decided to do four miles. That is a 25% increase; not a smart thing to do. My calf seized up on me as I ran down the hill toward home. I analyzed how many miles I had run and it was 3.4 miles. Now, if I had done the smart thing and increased by 10% I would have been home and done before my calf hurt.

Getting old is a bitch!