I finished the lifeguarding class yesterday. Those three days were the most exhausting consecutive days I can remember. While I did get my license, it was given with the “stipulation” that I need more training in CPR, but Lori (the instructor) is confident I will succeed. She also said she hates trying to cram all the training and learning into three days; there really is not enough time to practice and become proficient in all aspects.

Monday was a freezing day on deck and in the water. Lori suggested wet suits if we had them. I don’t but did my rendition: running tights and snug cycling shirt. Even though the fabrics were wet while out on deck, they did afford some warmth. Swimming in clothes was a new feeling!

The class started with 15 students, only 14 returned Tuesday. The girl who did not return was no surprise to me, unfortunately. She had no breath and struggled to swim the opening 100 yards. During a break, she was outside smoking (!). We still had 14 on day three but two of the guys didn’t even make it to the written test. Again, no surprise; little swimming skills and no breath. (One was out smoking with the girl on Monday.) Of the remaining 12, 7 of us were licensed.

As I took off my tights yesterday, I noticed the numerous bruises on my shins and knees. I can only guess I got them from climbing out of the pool so often. My pecs are sore from doing the actual rescue drills, and my inner thighs hurt from doing whip and scissor kicks during all the rescues. And this is when I felt like I was in pretty good shape!!

The worst part of all this was having a cold. My breath was certainly diminished and the need to blow my nose often detracted from total focus. It also didn’t help just getting over being quite ill for two weeks.

This was a very tough course; far more intense and involved than what the Red Cross provides and I’m glad it’s over.

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  1. 1 Dorothy van Winkle

    Ola. I remember my days training and then being the trainer. Now I can’t even hold my breath for a minute… Ah well, I can still hike. Happy New Year. Dot

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